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Jewel Shoes Malafemmena Champagne color


Jewel Shoes Malafemmena

Completely hand finished 

Jewel Shoes Malafemmena Champagne color

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As the famous Italian singer Totò sang, the Malafemmena poisons your soul and makes your eyes shed tears of disgrace, yet you’ll still adore and love her. These qualities are what the Jewel Shoes Malafemmena embodies. These heels are Italian-style shoes encrusted with original Swarovski stones for a luxurious yet playful appeal. It’s the perfect high-heeled pair to use for casual get-togethers or formal gatherings. Order yours today!

Embody the Malafemmena

The Malafemmena translates to “bad woman.” She’s a woman with a dissolute and absolutely out-of-the-rules behavior, a femme fatale that men will bend their backs over for a moment of attention. Whatever mischief or chaos she causes, men still love and cherish her — a beautiful and sensual siren that allures even though her mouth spits poison.

Embody the “bad woman” persona with the Jewel Shoes Malafemmena. These shoes carry the same sensual allure that highlights your unique femininity as an elegant woman that refuses to abide by the rules, and hapless men will turn their whole lives around just for you.

Stylish Decollete Shoes for All Occasions

The Jewel Shoes Malafemmena is a high-heeled decollete shoe, an ideal pair for your cocktail mini-dresses. Wear them for casual strolls downtown or a party at your favorite club. However, the Jewel Shoes Malafemmena is also suitable for formal occasions.

Wear yours under an elegant suit for black-tie galas, prestigious events, and other official gatherings. These shoes will enrich your outfit and give you an elegant flair, even if you’re wearing even the simplest dresses. That’s Malafemmena for you!

Handmade by Artisans

At Olympia Shoes, we focus on exquisite craftsmanship. All our Jewel Shoes Malafemmena are made entirely by hand, following the tradition of ancient Italian shoemakers. Even the seams are finished manually; nothing is automated for maximum quality. We then embellish each shoe with original Swarovski crystals, resulting in a shimmer that shifts and changes even with your slightest movements.

Aside from being handmade, our shoes use premium materials for maximum comfort and strength. The leather and satin utilized for production are sourced from established makers and selected following stringent standards. The result is a product that can be considered works of art, especially the glimmering Jewel Shoes Malafemmena luxury shoes.

Embrace Your Sensual Side

Olympia Shoes designed the Jewel Shoes Malafemmena with a vision of the elegant and sensual woman — a hunter of men who refuses to bend down to their world. The look is inspired by a childhood memory of a striking and beautiful pair of shoes. From this recollection, we created the Malafemmena to embody the untamable feminine spirit.

When you wear the high-heeled Jewel Shoes Malafemmena, it slims your figure and enhances your sensual side, so get yours now while stocks last. This pair is available in the colors white, black, and champagne.

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