Olympia Artigianato Italiano
  • heel 100 white color

Helled popped Sandal Sciantosa white color handmade


"Sciantosa" Popped heeled Sandal white color

Popped sandal for women finished with 100% Made in Italy materials

Technical characteristics open sandal

  • Craft sandal completely finished by hand
  • White color
  • materials 100%
  • Made in Italy
  • Goatskin lining for a comfortable fit
  • Lambskin upper with fine leather sole
  • 110 heel
  • Hand made stitching 

Made with multicolor details that make it elegant and sporty, a timeless peep toe sandal.

Helled popped Sandal Sciantosa white color handmade

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Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa white color

Be bold and make the world your runway with our premium Heeled Popped Sandal Sciantosa in white. This elegant shoe is handmade to perfection and features a fine leather sole and a goatskin lining for added comfort in every stride. Like all our luxury shoes, our Sciantosa Popped Sandal is proudly made in Italy.

Exude confidence and dominate every room you enter. Buy your pair today and make all the eyes follow you.

Primal Feminine Dominance

The Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa in white gives you the power to enchant, entice and conquer every situation. Feel the power in every step and face the world with the confidence and poise of a goddess.

Made with premium leather and meticulously crafted in Italy, this Italian-style heeled sandal is the pinnacle of quality and luxury. With the Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa, you can bring your best foot forward and lead the way with style and grace.

Hand-crafted to Perfection

The Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa in white is made purely by hand with the utmost care and attention.

Every stitch, every line, and every design has been thoughtfully created to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit. With its meticulously stitched leather sole and goatskin lining, the Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa lets you power through any occasion in style.

Durable and comfortable, this popped heeled sandal is crafted to stand the test of time. Look your best and feel even better with this timeless shoe.

Comfort in Every Stride

Goatskin is an extremely flexible and durable material that ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Lined with goatskin, the Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa provides prolonged comfort in every stride. Whether you’re standing for long hours for a presentation or running from place to place, the entire day will be a breeze.

Say goodbye to sore feet with the Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa in white. With its superior quality and luxurious design, you can look good and feel even better all day long.

Dominate the Space

Stand a few feet above the rest with its 110 mm heel. The Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa’s heel height is the perfect combination of stability and elegance, so you can keep up with the pace of the modern world while still looking fabulous. Make heads turn and control the conversation with a pair of shoes that exude confidence, power, and refinement.

Strut. Pop. Make It Your World.

Never underestimate the power of a good shoe. Step out in the world with a pair of our Italian-style Popped Heeled Sandal Sciantosa in white and feel the power surge through your veins.

You can easily pair this with any outfit and give it a touch of sophistication and vigor. With its vast size range, anyone can feel powerful and dominant.

Browse through our catalog of women’s shoes and find your next fave.

  • 100% handcrafted in Italy
  • Lambskin upper lined with premium goatskin leather
  • 110 mm heel height
  • Wide range of sizes from 37 to 41 EU
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